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Welcome to the writing course Think Writer, available in both published and eBook versions. In following the programme you will learn to advance from your present set of skills through to writing clearer and more readable texts. Thousands of learners over 23 years have achieved this.

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That the course has an excellent reputation can be seen in the evaluation section. (Branch) Here comments are extremely positive – assessments have been made by senior educators, both local and international. Click on image above to read more.


There are many benefits resulting from doing the course, particularly for business people. Return on investment for a business is considerable when staff is trained to produce good writing. Also, in the scholastic area students across-the-curriculum learn how to produce coherent essays.


The abbreviated CVs of the three authors establish that they have considerable expertise in the field of composition-teaching. Click on image above to read more.


About Us

Welcome to the writing course Think Writer,
A writing skills course with 23 years of brilliant results

Think Writer, available in both published and eBook versions. In following the programme you will learn to advance from your present set of skills through to writing clearer and more readable texts. Thousands of learners over 23 years have achieved this.

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Our Team

These are the people that make it happen.
Vic Rodseth
Lead Author
Vic started specializing in teaching composition skills 23 years ago. Initial success led to his creating a team with Wendy Rodseth (MA) and their colleague Dr. Liz Johanson, both very experienced composition teachers. Together they created the highly acclaimed Think Writer.
In co-authoring Think Writer with husband Vic and colleague Liz Johanson, Wendy drew on her great experience in language education, such as: • English teaching at high schools • Teacher training at the Centre for Cognitive Development, Vista University, University of Fort Hare, University of the North, University of the Witwatersrand , Further Education and Training Colleges and Teach South Africa • The writing of numerous textbooks and study guides in the field of language development, particularly the advancement of writing skills. Published through Pearson Education, Heinemann, Hodder and Stoughton, Shooter and Shuter, and Kagiso publishers • Assessor activities for The Deloitte Graduate Academy, SAP delegates in the Middle East, BMW Talent Management Graduates and South African Revenue Services Graduate Programme • Preparation of pre-tests to assess the cognitive and writing competence of applicants to graduate programmes • Through business writing training, has taught senior business professionals for the past 12 years at organizations such as: The Deloitte Graduate Academy, HSBC and other major banks, Nestle, The Language School of The University of the Witwatersrand, Group 5 Construction Company, Capital Alliance, McCain Food and The Nelson Mandela Foundation • Co-author of a game to teach financial literacy for Pearson Education Follow CV link for fuller abbreviated CV.
Liz Johanson
That Liz was a very valuable member of the team which authored Think Writer, is clear from the brief introduction below. • Her career shows an interest in languages, and the learning and teaching of them. Also related issues of psychology, human and inter-group relationships, spirituality and the process of learning, development which leads to identity change. • Initially worked at high school level and later in tertiary institutions such as the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Fort Hare. Her work during the tertiary years saw much development of teaching and learning materials, including textbooks. Some of the textbooks focus on the teaching of composition skills. She has also edited books for publishers, including Oxford University Press • Involvement in many Research and Development projects. A major enterprise was her contributions to the education project TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa). • Important activities involved teacher training, focusing mainly on the bridge from high school to tertiary institutions. Involved here was working for Fort Hare University on distance education for teachers, and being Head of Department in the Bachelor of Education faculty. • Founding and running the TALK project which helps English speakers learn African languages.
Pieter Potgieter
Head of Technology
Developing Think Writer for elearning purposes has involved a great deal of IT expertise. Our team was very fortunate in finding an expert in this field who has worked very efficiently with the authors. Some main points from his training background and work experience.

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